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How Drug Detox Center Delray Beach Can Save Your Life...   Are you or your loved one currently suffering from substance abuse or addiction but don't know where to start with getting help? When making the brave decision to get treated for a substance use disorder it's important to enroll underg... Read More

Everything You Need to Know about Residential and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

A Brief Look at Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers...   What is addiction?...   Abuse of alcohol and drugs leads to dependence and tolerance, and changes the functioning and chemical properties of the brain. Addiction is a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substa... Read More

Marijuana Possible Factor in Punching of Florida Bar Owner

The Delray Beach Police Department reports that a K-9 officer bit a man accused of punching a bar owner early Monday morning. An officer working off-duty at a bar had been asked to remove an intoxicated patron. Mason Courson, 19, had punched the bar's owner and thrown him to the ground yelling when ... Read More

Young Adults and Addiction Delray Beach FL

Young adults easily become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Apart from all the care and caution from the parents, sometimes youngsters distract from their goals and get addicted to alcohol or drugs. They want to try something new and different in their life at least once. Young adults are mostly of a v... Read More

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