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Drug Treatment Centers Delray Beach helps people to stop using drugs and support them through the recovery process. Depending on the substance of abuse and extent of addiction, the programs at drug treatment centers include detox, medication therapy, psychotherapy, and relapse prevention systems. Drug Treatment Centers Delray Beach can help provide residential and out-patient programs for those who suffer from substance addiction and any co-occurring disorders.

Drug treatment is recommended for anyone living with drug abuse and dependency problems. Both physical and psychological dependence can be dealt with through drug treatment regimens, with different programs initiated according to the individual needs of the patient. To find a program that's right for you, call the addiction specialists at Drug Treatment Centers Delray Beach at (877) 804-1531 for more information.

Drug treatment is often split into two separate, but equally important components, detoxification and rehabilitation therapy. While detox helps people to stop drug use in a safe and supportive environment, therapy treats the precedents of addiction and supports long-term recovery.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse takes a number of forms, with some people experimenting with illegal drugs for recreational reasons and others slowly becoming dependent on alcohol or prescription drugs over time. While the signs and symptoms of drug abuse are largely dependent on the substance in question, there are some general signs to look out for. Common signs include mood swings, changes in eating habits, changes in sleeping habits, neglecting responsibilities, taking drugs in dangerous situations, and experiencing social problems because of drug use. Generally speaking, drug abuse is defined by the continued use of drugs despite the existence of negative consequences.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Dependence

Drug abuse can easily turn into drug dependence, with long-term and extensive abuse often leading to tolerance and physical addiction. Common signs of drug dependence include tolerance, the existence of a physical-somatic or emotional-motivational withdrawal syndrome upon cessation of use, uncontrolled drug consumption, giving up activities because of drug use, and spending a lot of time and money obtaining and using drugs. Drug dependence is recognized medically as a substance use disorder, with detox and medication treatment often required alongside behavioral therapy and relapse prevention measures.

What is Intervention?

In the context of drug treatment, an intervention is an attempt to get someone to admit their drug problem and enter a treatment program. A wide range of different intervention scenarios are possible, including direct and indirect models. Direct interventions are typically confrontational in nature, with drug affected people met head-on by friends, family members and treatment professionals. Indirect methods are also popular in many situations, with loved ones encouraging drug affected people to find treatment and supporting them through the decision making process. The process of intervention is a critical part of drug treatment, because it helps drug affected people to realize the extent of their problem and understand the impact it has on friends and family members.

Typical Treatment Programs

Common drug treatment programs include medical detox, medication therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational incentives, motivational interviewing and family therapy. Many of these treatment modalities are also utilized in niche therapy programs, including art therapy, music therapy, general spirituality, mindfulness, SMART recovery and 12-step counseling. Individual and group counseling form the basis of drug treatment. Relapse prevention techniques and systems are also an essential element in drug treatment, both during residential psychotherapy programs and on an aftercare basis.

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